12 Things to Consider Bathroom Renovations in Brisbane

Is that old bathroom of yours demanding a makeover for a long time? You’ll agree that renovating a bathroom is a cumbersome task. But, with the proper planning, it could be a cost-effective bathroom renovation project in Brisbane.

But hey! Getting the luxe bathroom of your dreams doesn’t come easy. 

If you don’t want to wake up to plumbing issues and repair requests every morning, you must be careful about bathroom renovations in Brisbane. Though renovation can be nerve-wracking, the results are worth the stress. For this reason, we’ve curated a complete bathroom renovations checklist. 

So, let’s help you get started with your serene, luxe, and hyper-functional bath! 

What’s Your Budget

The budget will play a critical role in your bathroom renovation in Brisbane. The bathroom renovation cost in Brisbane will vary in different aspects. It’ll depend on the material you pick, the number of features you include, and so on. In any case, your budget should not compromise the functionality of the bathroom. 

It’s better to set a budget before proceeding with complete bathroom renovations Brisbane. Budgeting will be handy while you’re deciding the materials and furnishings of your bathroom. 

Of course, without budgeting, you might end up halting your renovation project. Also, with the variety of premium fixtures and materials, overbudgeting is a typical issue. 

Brisbane complete bathroom renovation

Plumbing & Electrical Stuff

Plumbing is one of the most crucial considerations of bathroom makeovers Brisbane. When you discuss your layout with the renovator, you might want to get a clear idea about plumbing. Especially if you disagree with the old plumbing layout, you should plan it. 

For instance, you might want a new position for the sink, shower, or toilet. Also, you can install the freestanding bath that you always wanted. According to your wishes and repositioning requirements, the plumbers will work with pipelines and the rest.  

In your old bathroom, how many times a month did you have electrical issues? Many, right? When you are opting for Brisbane bathroom renovation, make sure to consider this.  

Also, your old bathroom might not have the right spot for plugging in the hairdryer. Similar to the plumbing work, the electrical lines also need some work during the initial renovation phase.  

Lighting For Aesthetics 

While considering complete bathroom renovations, many people tend to forget the lighting. But, imagine entering into a dull and dimly lit bathroom. All your designs and fancy furnishings will go to waste if you don’t highlight them correctly.

Besides, the whole look and feel of your bathroom could change with a good lighting assortment. With that said, don’t forget to let plenty of sunshine come in. 

Consider getting frosted windows in the shower area and the rest of the bathroom. Good lighting will make your bathroom look brighter and more extensive. 

Flooring Designs 

It’s so relaxing waking up to warm bathroom flooring, especially in the winters. But flooring isn’t about coziness alone. When it comes to flooring, you’ll be spoiled for choices. Flooring tiles come in different colors, designs, textures. 

It would help if you considered choosing a material that can withstand all that water flow. Besides, if you have hard water problems, you might want to spend on ceramic, marble, and porcelain materials. 

For your bathroom restoration, porcelain is a perfect choice. 

Shower Area & Bathtub

When opting for shower screen installation Brisbane, your first consideration should be if they are easy to clean or not.  Whether you like it or not, you’ve to spend a considerable amount of time on the upkeep of your bathroom. 

The best screen for your shower area is a glass panel, that is, if you like a walk-in shower area. You can opt for a frameless or a semi-frameless bath. 

For shower screens, it’s best to get some advice from your renovator. Another thing that is worth considering is a shower head with good pressure. If you would like a touch of luxury in your bathroom, you can also consider a bathtub.

Shower screen installation Brisbane

Paints Vs. Tiles 

Of course, bathroom renovators Brisbane will also help you with the walls and not only the floors. But which material should you consider – paint or tiles? Paint are a big no-no when it comes to bathroom walls. It is because it can’t withstand the moisture. 

Tiles can enhance the look of your bathroom. You can choose to play with the tiles in the shower area. But, know that the more tiles you use the higher will be the cost.


Your bathroom is a site for dampness and moisture. If your bathroom has a shower or a bathtub, ventilation is an indispensable aspect. It would be best if you had adequate ventilation ports to prevent the growth of mold.

Molds can leave expensive and irreparable damage to your bathroom. There are generally two ways of including ventilation to your bathroom:

  • Exhaust fans
  • Window vents and windows

These days, you’ll mostly see a bathroom with exhaust fans rather than windows. It is because windows invite more pollution to your space. Your contractor can help you decide on an ideal spot for the exhaust fan.

They’ll also help you determine exhaust fan size, which will keep your bathroom free of moisture and smell.

Storage Space 

Don’t leave the storage to be an afterthought. When you are planning your bathroom renovation, pay attention to storage as well. Storage will help you to make your bathroom more functional and accessible.

Think about the space under the vanity and consider what you want to store in your bathroom. Don’t forget the medicine cabinets and linen storage area. Besides, the storage area should be away from the reach of the water.

You can also consider installing accessible outlets around the place and also in storage areas. We also advise you to maintain a balance between drawers and cupboards for the sake of aesthetics.

You can also opt for hanging storage to avoid any kind of water damage and consider a good hot water system, that way you can also save energy costs.

Sink & Vanity 

One thing that’ll set your mind to a perplexed state is the variety of vanities and sinks. These days the assortment of sinks and vanities available are endless. With a thoughtful and well-considered choice, these two furnishings can be game-changers in your bathroom renovations in Brisbane.

You can either go for store-bought vanities or choose custom-designed sinks or vanities. It would help if you also thought about whether you want one sink or two. 

Do you want those hanging sinks or under-mounted ones? Another thing to know that drawers are more accessible than typical cabinets. 

Brisbane complete bathroom renovation

Durable Materials for Bathroom 

Your bathroom has to withstand a lot of wear each day. They have to cope up with significant temperature swings because of water exposure. Moreover, those bathroom cleaning chemicals might take a toll on different bathroom materials.

The upkeep of the bathroom is quite a chore!

To get the most of your bathroom renovation project, make sure to pick durable materials. It means you should know where to spend on high-quality materials. It’s not advisable to go on cutting costs on materials.

The most durable materials will retain their sheen and aesthetics for a longer time. Plus, they won’t ask for a repair frequently.

Avoid employing cheap quality cabinets that swell and damp in different environments. Also, invest in good quality plumbing fixtures.


Decide On a Layout

One of the most significant considerations of a bathroom renovation is the layout. Do you want a standard bath, wet bath, or half-bath? It is essential to think about the structure before you begin the renovation process.

Depending on the size and shape of your bathroom, there can be countless variations for layouts. It is advisable to retain the existing design of your bathroom. However, it is also an excellent time to alter the plan if the previous one had any loopholes.

For instance, if you find your shower area or sink to be uncomfortable, you can change it.

However, bear in mind that to change the layout, you also have to change the bathroom’s plumbing. Plumbing changes can quickly shoot up the renovation cost. 

In a Nutshell 

It’s very crucial to have a blueprint in your mind before starting with Brisbane bathroom renovations. Without considering these areas, your renovation project can quickly turn into a disaster. However, if you plan everything, you won’t find yourself in such a situation.  

Besides, you can also consult bathroom renovators in Brisbane to make the process smoother. So, are you ready for some elbow grease?



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