Tile Cleaning and Grout Colour Sealing

Tile Cleaning – Bring your faded tiles back to life!

Updated 24th August, 2021: Our Bathrooms tile cleaning and grout ColourSealing service will make your tiles look as if they were genuinely brand new.

Our unique ColourSeal product is applied to your grout after a thorough clean to:

  • Restore the condition of your grout without the need for replacement
  • Ensure uniform grout colour
  • Achieve a professional and natural-looking finish
  • Reduce upkeep with maximum stain protection
  • Protects your grout for 15 years
  • Change the grout colour for an updated appearance

Our Bathrooms brilliant team of tile cleaning and grout cleaning specialists use state of the art cleaning equipment and our proprietary grout ColourSeal product to completely transform your tiled areas for a fraction of the cost of replacement.

What does tile cleaning and ColourSealing involve?

  • A turbo deep clean using specialised tile cleaning equipment
  • Treatment with our unique range of cleaning products
  • Assessment of damaged grout or tiles and replacement or repair, where required
  • Advanced colour matching of your existing grout with one of our 89 colours of ColourSeal
  • Grout and tile resealing with Our Bathrooms ColourSeal product to restore the appearance of your existing grout without the need for replacement
  • Silicone sealing
  • Anti-slip treatments where required

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