Silicone Seal Replacement

Replace that embarrassing silicone seal!

Silicone provides an essential seal for any wet areas in the bathroom, shower or kitchen. Unfortunately, it’s also usually the first place that mould and mildew stains will form. When this happens, the only option is to perform a silicone replacement.

Old silicone is also prone to deteriorating and peeling which can lead to leaks and water damage.

Our Bathrooms team of tile, grout and silicone specialists can help transform your tiled areas, making them watertight and having them looking like new again.

What is involved in a silicone replacement?

  • A professional silicone replacement involves:

    • Removing all existing silicone
    • Thoroughly cleaning the area to remove any residues that may prevent the new silicone from sticking
    • Drying out any remaining moisture
    • Colour matching the silicone to your tiles and grout
    • Laying down a fresh, smooth layer of silicone
    • Checking that the silicone has formed an effective seal between the two tile surfaces
    • Allowing the silicone to dry completely

    Our Bathrooms tile and grout specialists use a range of silicone products that are specifically designed for use in wet areas. These types of silicone are resistant to mould and mildew, keeping your tiled areas looking fresh for longer.

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