Water will bead on the surface, demonstrating EnduroShield’s repellent nature, and similar to a non-stick fry pan cleaning time is noticeably reduced. EnduroShield works on new and existing surfaces to protect your bathroom.

Why EnduroShield?
It makes cleaning a breeze! A regular wipe over with vinegar, water, and a microfibre cloth is all it takes, no more scrubbing.
Repels soap scum and grime – EnduroShield is water and oil repellent and keeps surfaces looking brand new.
Helps reduce the build-up of mould and harmful bacteria and promotes a germ-free environment.
Offers superior protection against the corrosive effects of soap scum, dirt, grime, lime scale, salt, chemicals, and hard water.
Reduces cleaning time – By up to 90% and stays cleaner for longer, in between cleans
Product Options include factory applied to new glass comes with a 10 year performance warranty. Or professional application to new and existing tile or stainless steel surfaces comes with a 5 year warranty.

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